Getting to live

After the final push there wasn’t much left to do to get the show live for our annual light up party.  I’d actually taken Friday afternoon off work to finish any last pieces and work out any bugs but really didn’t need it. Continue reading “Getting to live”

A Rare Opportunity

day I had a rare alignment of some great weather and a 1/2 day with a clear calendar. Since I will be out of town most of next week I decided to take the afternoon off work and crank through some of my outstanding build tasks.  Continue reading “A Rare Opportunity”

Trees, Trees, & More Trees

This weekend was a weekend of trees. My goal was to decorate the deciduous tree in my front yard, assemble my mini trees and pixel tree.

Continue reading “Trees, Trees, & More Trees”

Big Boy Toys

Today was a rare day where I had a stat holiday but the kids were in school. I decided to take full advantage and get all the lights that were not reachable by ladder on the house.

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RGB Light Test

Well it’s been a busy weekend outside. I was well behind on my build schedule with only the white lights around my garage door and upper roof and icicles on the upper roof complete. Continue reading “RGB Light Test”

Back to Sequencing

After spending a bit of time messing with my new hardware and starting to spend the weekends putting up lights, I need to get back to converting my sequences to my new layout.

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