Christmas 2020 build schedule

This being stuck at home thing has really thrown me off my usual process of creating my build plan. Usually I think about what I want to do, order the pieces when the LOR summer sale is on, then build my work back plan once I know what I am doing.

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I’ve got the Power

I am always very nervous that I start blowing breakers when I first turn my lights on. I get especially nervous as many of the lights run on the same circuit as my garage door opener, every time I hit the button to open the door I worry a breaker will pop taking out the lights. When I add an extra controller each year I am also very anxious around my load capacity so I decided to remove that anxiety. I’ve been thinking about adding more power to my front yard for a few years, being stuck at home I decided to action it and add some extra circuits in my front yard.

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The Canada Tax

Here we are on Canada day, being thankful for all the great things being a Canadian brings, but being a Christmas light junkie I have to pay a significant “tax” for being Canadian.

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