The Final Push

I need to travel out of town this week so I don’t have long left before our official light up party on the 2nd. This weekend I needed to push to get as close to complete as possible. By the end of the weekend I had every light hooked up (around 7,000 of them)  ready for some testing.
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Upgrades, Power Savings & New Bits

As I mentioned in a prior post I’m concerned around my Power draw and don’t want to upgrade my electrical panel this year if I can avoid it. Continue reading “Upgrades, Power Savings & New Bits”

2017 Simulations

I’ve been working hard to convert my sequences from last years layout (all LED) to incorporate the RGBs I have ordered. I also changed most of the features such as my main spruce tree and small secondary tree. There are many changes in the overall layout where only about 3 channels are the same as last year. I also upgraded from LOR s4 to s5 because the pixel effects are much simpler. I thought I would share a few of the simulations of how the show should look based on the preview in S5. Continue reading “2017 Simulations”

Time to get at it

Well Halloween is upon us and its time for me to get up on the roof because “winter is coming”, I need to get up on the 2nd storey roof before the snow does. Continue reading “Time to get at it”

And so it begins…

I have a couple of rules about my Christmas lights.

  1. Before I can bring my car out in the spring I must have all the Christmas lights taken down and put away.
  2. Before I can begin putting up my Christmas lights, my garage must be cleaned up with all the bikes and summer clutter put away and the car parked for the winter.

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