3x Days of Giving

For the 3 days leading up to Christmas I will personally match any Online Donations,. I will also leverage my corporate donation match program to match my donations meaning $1 donated by you from December 22 to 24 will result in the Foodbank receiving $3. Donation matching with be to a maximum of $500 total of Online Donations. The Starting point on December 22nd is $1455 any amount above that when Santa arrives will be matched up to $500 total.

Donation Match Starting Point, all donations up to a total of $1455 will be matched 2x

We have seen great generosity by the visitors of or show so far with $1455 Donated online, Over $100 in Cash (which will double through donation matching at the end of the season) and Over 300lbs of food collected.

If you can, please take this opportunity to support those in need and triple your impact to the community.

Stop by to See the Show @ 120 MacEwan Ridge Close NW Calgary AB or check out the video’s from this season