RGB Light Test

Well it’s been a busy weekend outside. I was well behind on my build schedule with only the white lights around my garage door and upper roof and icicles on the upper roof complete. Items not completed from last weekend included finishing the living room roof line,  the front entrance and snowflakes over living room window .

My big focus for Saturday was not to catch up but on attaching the parapet clips that I would be using to mount my RGBs. I needed these attached and the adhesive set if I were to be able to mount the speed clips and RGBs to finish on schedule for the weekend.

I attached 16 clips to the stucco on each side of my garage using clear silicon construction adhesive . I also mounted 20 clips to each side of the upper level and 50 to each of the windows on the upper level. I was quite nervous about how well this would work because of temperature and texture of the stucco. I have to say it worked excellent and the clips are barely noticeable with the clear adhesive. Even better is the fact I could mount them on the side of the house vs. the front because of the 90 degree angle of the speed tabs I was using to hold the bulbs.  These could not work any better with the Light-O-Rama pixel bulbs I am using them for.


Once I had the first string of RGBs mounted around the garage outline it was time to test them, to see if they would work as I anticipated. I was a little nervous around the curtain effects and scanner effects as well as the colour tones compared to what I expected. I built a quick 1 min sequence with 5 second effects in S5 to test out just my garage door.  You can see the test below.

Everything worked fantastic.

The weather was much improved this weekend, I was hoping it would melt enough of the snow that I would be able to get access to the upper level roof but that didn’t happen.  I’ll most likely need to rent a boom to get to the top level to mount RGBs there (luckily I glued the parapet clips on before the snow came). I have the day off work tomorrow so I will be trying to get that complete as I may not have many more opportunities to get to the upper level.

The only task I am behind on now is the garage gutter and roof RGBs but I will get to those tomorrow and hopefully the upper gutters too. If I get all of these done I’ll actually be ahead of schedule.

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