And, I’m Done!

The plan was to take today off work as an insurance policy incase I’d run into any hiccups, if everything was on schedule I would be able to cancel the PTO. Although I was on schedule and had managed to remove all the hiccups I was still a little nervous because of the USB failure last week and tomorrow had also gotten very filled up with activities with the kids, for the bottle drive and just getting ready to have 50-70 people over. So I decided to keep my day off.  Continue reading “And, I’m Done!”

A big push to the finish

This weekend was to be a big push towards completion, The goal was to just have a few of the decoration type props to put out by next weekend.
Continue reading “A big push to the finish”

Not so fast…

There are always ups and downs each year when building up my display, I was feeling pretty confident in my progress so far this year. I’d managed to stick to the schedule I’d laid out and I’d been able to resolve all of the technical nuances that had shown up to date. Today was a day to forge ahead and knock off a bunch of my todos, but things didn’t go quite as planned. Continue reading “Not so fast…”

Getting closer

I have been feeling pretty good about my build progress so far this year, I am on track with my schedule and have been able to solve the issues that have arisen so far. That changed a little this weekend, not because I fell behind schedule but the realization that I have only 2 weeks until our 3rd annual light up and bottle drive fundraiser. Continue reading “Getting closer”

Building a Matrix

When I ordered my lights this year I decided to order a pixie 16 with 16 string of 50 pixels to  convert my mini trees to RGB. For this I only needed 5 of the light strings but I figured since it was only about $100 extra to buy the package than the 5 sets of lights and the controllers I needed that I may as well go big. Initially I had planned to use a couple of the extra string to convert my garage trees to RGB. But what to do with the rest? Continue reading “Building a Matrix”