Trees, Trees, & More Trees

This weekend was a weekend of trees. My goal was to decorate the deciduous tree in my front yard, assemble my mini trees and pixel tree.

I  started early (4am) Saturday by programming a new sequence, frosty the snowman. Once I was done I started into assembly of the mini tree frames. The frames were still partially assembled from last year as I could flat pack them by cutting off one of the zip ties that hold them together. After getting the first one assembled life took over and I had to put the rest on hold until later. I got back to these later in the weekend getting them all completed, 4, colours, 5 trees, 20 channels.

By the afternoon the sun came out and I could get outside to decorate the mountain ash tree in my front yard. This tree was going to have 8 channels; 5 warm white sections running up the tree for a burst effect, 2 warm white sections in the upper branches (inner and outer) and a multi colour (red, white and green) in the upper branches.

The final tree to tackle was my new Light-O-Rama Pixel Tree, 400 pixels across 16 stings of lights. I got to this Sunday afternoon after a hockey practice, a hockey game, a trip to Costco and Canadian Tire. This was quite the precise build up but the instructions from Light-O-Rama were excellent. I bought the factory assembled version which meant I only needed to connect all the big bits, measure and lay it out, stake it all into the ground and attach the guides and strings. I got it set up and hooked up in about 90 minutes.

After getting it all set up I needed to test it out, I hooked into the network cable that was running from my upper level that would run into the south side of my front yard, nothing. It looks like I have a bad network cable, that will need to be a project for another day. I hooked directly into my tree and everything worked as expected, phew.

Now for one more tree next weekend, the big spruce, although this only has 5 channels it will have around 2000 lights on it.


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