And so it begins…

I have a couple of rules about my Christmas lights.

  1. Before I can bring my car out in the spring I must have all the Christmas lights taken down and put away.
  2. Before I can begin putting up my Christmas lights, my garage must be cleaned up with all the bikes and summer clutter put away and the car parked for the winter.

These 2 rules help keep my garage marginally clean and force me to put away all the lights in spring and to clean up all the mess and make room to park inside in the winter.

In the summer Christmas l20171007_201924230_iOSights are stored in containers at the back of the garage.

file-3In the winter the containers are moved to make room to hang up the bikes and so they can easily be accessed once I start putting the lights up.

This really forces me to clean out the garage at least 2x per year. The moving of the containers is the first step in the build up of my light display and one that I just completed.


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