Upgrades, Power Savings & New Bits

As I mentioned in a prior post I’m concerned around my Power draw and don’t want to upgrade my electrical panel this year if I can avoid it.I’ve been ordering quite a few things lately and a couple of them arrived over the last few days, more giant C9 pathway lights and LED bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs in my pathway lights. These giant C9’s I plan to use on each side of my driveway, these are also some of the only incandescent lights in my display. I decided I would replace the incandescent bulbs with LEDs this year.


I ordered some C7 LEDs (I know the lights are called and look like giant C9’s but actually have a C7 bulb) from holiday lighting outlet, sadly they didn’t qualify for free shipping this time. I would have been better buying extras to get to the $100 than pay for the shipping and customs, lesson learned.

First step in the upgrade was to see what the draw is with the incandescent C7

A huge improvement by replacing the bulbs with the LEDs. Drawing 16% of the power of the original incandescents dropping from 0.166Amps to 0.028Amps.

Not only did I significantly cut my power draw but the coloured LEDs I bought look much richer than the original white C7s.

Upgraded LEDs                          Original Incandescent


I was also right about getting the top roof of the house done last weekend as the snow began today and doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon.

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New Bits

Another exciting happening today is my RGB lights were shipped by Light-O-Rama today and should arrive tomorrow. I cannot wait to start playing with them to see if they will work the way I expected and if they deliver the visual effects the way they appear in the simulations.

(NEW CCB) Cosmic Color CCC-II-with-2-CCB-II-50 4
Color Selection = White Bulbs and Controller II with Cases
Strings of 50 RGB Bulbs

White Pixel Tree Kit – 16 WhitePixelTreeKit-16×25 1
Strip Assembly = Done by Factory
Strips of 25 pixels

High Power 50W RGB Flood High-Power-RGB-Flood-50W 2

CCR II extension cord CCRII-EXT-5FT 8

Residential Series Addon CTB16PC-ReadyToGO-Addon 1
Power Cords = USA Power Cords
CTB16PC-ReadyToGO Operating Voltage = USA 120V

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