Time to get at it

Well Halloween is upon us and its time for me to get up on the roof because “winter is coming”, I need to get up on the 2nd storey roof before the snow does.I had initially planned to use my speed tabs to install the white LED lights on my upper roofline. This plan was quickly thwarted as the bulbs were too small, luckily I have a large supply of light clips, so I reverted to the ones I had used to mount C9s on the roof last last year. I wanted to get all the upper lights completed before the snow comes but the new RGB bulbs that will be on the upper gutters, windows and garage roof have not yet arrived. I will most likely need to rent a boom lift to get up there unless all the snow blows away (the forecast suggests it will not be melting). I tried going up there once after the snow and scared myself a wee bit so try to get this done before the first snowfall.

After spending an afternoon up on the roof I got all of the roof pitch lights installed 5 strings of 50 bulbs (these I would not be able to do even with the boom lift). I also got the upper icicles (4 sets of 8 icicles ) installed .

This work on the top of the roof is the part I like least because it poses the most danger and I am hanging over the edge attaching lights at certain points.

20171030_155517292_iOSI also installed the speed tabs will hold my RGBs on the garage roof as it is much easier to lift the shingles before they get cold and stiff or frozen.

Five strings of white LEDs were added to the roof and four sets of icicle lights to the gutters all was good for testing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This completed 1.5 channels of the 64 standard channels I’ll be using this year.


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