We are live.

After all the work and all the technical difficulties we managed to hit our date and turn on the lights at our annual light up party and fundraiser. I had gotten everything done on Friday and just had a couple of details to finish up in the display, putting out the singing Santa after replacing the beard where the lights were only 1/2 working, additionally I had to figure out why my right-side driveway lights are not working. Looking into this the top set’s power line had been cut, I quickly inserted extension chord and bypassed the top set. After the lights were working I needed to shovel the street so the kids could  play hockey. We had had a record snowfall for the 23rd of November to make things a bit more challenging.


This was a ton of work but well worth it as the kids played for four hours.  After all this work I needed to go pick up the trailer from the bottle depot to collect the bottles that would raise the funds for the hockey team. Then onto prepping the house and getting everything ready to host around 60 people.

Folks started showing up just before 5 and the hockey game was on.

Kids Hocky
The first few Kids playing hockey, there would be 20+ playing for over 4 hours during the party

6pm came and the lights fired and the show began. I could now relax, enjoy the show and socialize with all the people in attendance.

After everyone left I went outside and grabbed a quick video (I’ll try to capture each song over the course of the winter and post them on the 2018 Show Page . I Captured Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Twisted sister, part of my A Twisted Christmas show that runs at 9 PM on Friday and Sat evenings. I

posted the video to twitter and got a response that made all the effort of sequencing the entire A Twisted Christmas Album. Dee Snider not only looked at the video but also provided some positive feedback. 20181125_145055000_iOS

This made my day. I also like how different people see different things “the Heavy Metal Horns” when they look at it from their perspective.

Now its time to enjoy my show. Add a few more sequences over the next month. And next weekend I’m off to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, which is why I had to pull the light up forward a week.

TSO 2018.PNG

Now I was comfortable that everything is working I could also add my show back to Lighten Up Calgary. Now fans of Christmas lights in Calgary can find my show.




One thought on “We are live.

  1. Hey. I follow you on twitter. Just getting into light o rama. Follow me back so I can dm you! I have a few questions. I am in Saskatchewan!

    Dallas Moneo

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