Getting closer

I have been feeling pretty good about my build progress so far this year, I am on track with my schedule and have been able to solve the issues that have arisen so far. That changed a little this weekend, not because I fell behind schedule but the realization that I have only 2 weeks until our 3rd annual light up and bottle drive fundraiser.Over the last couple of weekends I have been able to make good progress getting the remaining RGBs mounted on the house and getting the small tree in the front yard complete.

Because I am not using my multi colored LEDs on my big spruce tree I moved them all over to this tree and I also repurposed the white LEDs I usually have on the house that have been replaced with RGBs this year. This means this small tree has gone from about 400 bulbs last year to around 2,000 this year.

I have also being working trying to figure out how to mount my new RGB Pixels on my Mini Trees, I had ordered Pixel Mounting strips from Light-O-Rama but I needed to figure out the exact configuration to attach them. After minimal trial an effort I had the layout and now just need to repeat 4 more times. Up close they look a bit tatty, but when lit up from a distance they look great.

Halloween also provided a great opportunity to test out the lights as well as the scheduling tool in LOR S5.

On the sequencing front my pace has trailed off a little but I have completed the Twisted Christmas album and has a couple of flights (one with a bit of a delay too) that gave me an opportunity to crank out a couple of quick songs.  I now only have 4 left to complete the sequencing goals I set out for myself at the start of the season of having all the A Twisted Christmas Album and the Now The Christmas Album complete.

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