Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well the first major snowfall came much earlier than usual. Even last year it was pretty early on November 1st but this year it came October 2nd. I am really hoping it will all melt over the next couple of weeks so I can get the lights on the roof.

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There is a lot of snow right now; I still haven’t cleaned up my yard, pruned the trees (and it needs it looking at the simulation below) or changed my garage over from summer mode to winter mode. I’m hoping I can at least get the garage swapped over this weekend so we can park one car inside. I won’t be getting any of the yard work done with all the snow but I am hoping the weather will cooperate and melt the snow to give me access to get the lights on the roof.Oct Weather

The snow fall did motivate me to sequence Let it snow by Twisted Sister, below is a video of the simulation as seen in Light-O-Rama S5.

Overall sequencing progress has been moving pretty well.

Status # Run Time
Convert 0 0
Create 20 0:48:49
Enhance 13 0:36:43
Complete 19 1:09:45
In Progress 0 0:00:00
Total 52 2:35:17
Total Compete 32 1:46:28
Compete % 61.54% 68.56%
Total Due 29 110.34%

Right now I’m finding it hard to motivate myself on the Halloween sequences so they may get scrapped for some simple lights and video projections.

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