Going Social

I’ve had a mish mash of social media over the years with a couple of accounts that I use to promote the Christmas light display and share my projects. This year because I am building a photo op prop I thought it would be good to have some consistency across the social media accounts I use (inspired by the props I saw in South Calgary last year & their use of social in the picture area).

I have a twitter account I use primarily to promote the light display @ChasinRudi (formerly ChasinRudolph but more on that to come). I have been using this account for the last several years. I also had an Instagram account @ChasinRudolph that I can no longer access. I changed the email and entered the wrong domain, @live.ca instead of @outlook.com, I can no longer remember the password so because it has the wrong email I cannot get a password reset. I set up another account @Chasin_Rudolph which has now been changed to @ChasinRudi to align with the updated twitter account name. On a personal level I abandoned Facebook about 7 years ago but I decided I should have a Facebook account for the light show. Facebook seemed important as I usually get a few emails with links to videos of our display that have appeared on my friends feeds. I also wanted to add Facebook to try to help raise the profile of the display in an effort to increase the possibility to collect donations for the foodbank or whatever charity we are supporting (we’ve also collected socks for the mustard seed in the past). I set up an account for it, then decided a page may be better so I added a page. I wish I had just done this from my old personal account, but I didn’t and I’m re-learning Facebook. I initially added the @ChasinRudolph as a user name to the account, when I learned about pages I removed the username and tried to add it to the page, but Facebook hangs onto it for 60-90 days from what I can understand so I decided to check across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the ChasinRudi username, all three were available so I went that route. The final piece of the puzzle is youtube where I host all the videos I embed in this site each season. Changing the channel name was easy but I now need to get 100 subscribers (I only have 35 at the writing of this post) to be able to create a custom URL .I am trying to recruit subscribers, please jump on and subscribe if you can.

As I mentioned above I had seen usernames and hashtags in some of the displays we visited last year so I wanted it to be consistent across all the platforms if I added them (I’m fussy like that). This didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked but it seems I am coordinated across the major platforms and just have a little work to do to get the YouTube Custom URL. Please follow or subscribe to our social channels.

One thought on “Going Social

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    I wish to donate.
    I wish to introduce your social media capacity through my channel.


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