We are a go

I’ve spent much of this year debating if I would do a big light show this season. After much consideration the excitement has built enough for me to commit to building another show this year. We will go live 3 months from today on November 27th, hopefully we will be able to have a light up party with a road hockey game and people in our house again. I really missed not having the light up party last season.

Light up from years past

I had been preparing like I would be doing a show, creating a new layout with some new props and converting all of my songs to take advantage of the new layout. This has gone quite well and I now have 51 of 55 converted with 4 left to go and 7 new songs to add. I will have to go back and create some voiceovers for the singing trees on select songs.

Sequence Progress

2021 Sequences
Current Date% Complete% Due CompleteTo ConvertTo Do
Ready Run Time# CompleteDueTo CreateTo Do Runtime 

New Songs for 2021

Hopefully I will get the following songs added, the Jackson 5 songs are a priority as they are a request from the kids with the rest hold overs from previous years.

KidsKidnap the Santy Claus – The Nightmare Before Christmas
KidsMaking Christmas – The Nightmare Before Christmas
MetalFather Christmas – Chris Jericho and the Christmas Helves
MiscHey, Come look at my lights – Haymaker Comedy
MiscChristmas Medley – Jackson 5
miscSome day at Christmas – Jackson 5
MiscRudolph – Robbie Williams

Here is a comparison of the simulation (Right) of this years layout and a video (Left) from last years show, I’ll try and get a better side by side built up in filmora.

Ice Cream Pails

The new props I am adding this year are 8 additional north poles to complement the ones I built last year, 4 additional RGB Arches, 8 RGB light domes to line the driveway and pixel Panels for the 3 columns on my upper level. The north poles and arches are just more of a good thing based on props I built last year.

The light domes are a modern interpretation on something I saw and liked back in my teen years in St. Albert. People would use 4L ice cream pails with lights inside them (I think my major inspiration Mr. DiMaio had some of these). My interpretation is an upgrade, I got some large pails (11.4L) from a local ice cream shop and will be adding dumb RGB’s and controllers from HolidayCoro, this is the same configuration used in the north poles.

The Pixel Panels are something I have wanted to do since I built my first Matrix, I just didn’t know how to mount them. My experience working with Pex tubing to build props last year presented me with the solution to my mounting challenge (I hope). I’ll write about my experience building each of these when I get to it.

I put in my Holiday Coro order last week so I could start building the the domes and North poles over the labour day long weekend and I’ll be putting in my Light-O-Rama order this week while their summer sale is on.

HolidayCoro Order

2 of : 10 Watt RGB SMART PIXEL Flood Light
8 of : 3 Channel Dumb RGB DMX Controller
8 of : 5″ Long PVC Pipe .5 OD
64 of : Dumb Rectangle RGB LED Waterproof Module – 12v f connection]
5 of : EasyPlug3 / 3 Conductor / 10ft
5 of : EasyPlug3 / 3 Conductor / 20ft 
1 of : EasyPlug4 / 4 Conductor / 10ft 
2 of : EasyPlug4 / 4 Conductor / 20ft 
8 of : EasyPlug4 / 4 Conductor / 5ft 
20 of : EasyPlug4 / 4 Conductor / MALE Pigtail Only ith Pixels / Smart Lights and will only work with dumb RGB]
20 of : EasyPlug4 / 4 Conductor M | F (center) | F / Tap / Splitter / Tee 
30 of : Female Cap for EasyPlug3/4 Waterproof Male Cables (Covers input / start of cable)
20 of : Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing – 1/2″ Diameter x 1 Inch Long (For Strips) Clear
10 of : Light-o-Rama 12mm Male Output to HolidayCoro Male Input Adapter Plug 
30 of : Male Plug for EasyPlug3
16 of : Pixel Strip Mounting Hardware Base + Diffuser Cover – 39″ / ~1 Meter Length
2 of : PixNode Net™ Flexible – Pixel Node Mounting Net for Matrix Elements 
8 of : RGB Candy Cane Post Topper Ball for 4″ PVC Posts
50 of : SHIPS MID-SEPT 2021: Clear Lexan 1/2″ Pipe Mounting Clip V2 
2 of : Smart / Pixel RGB LED Strip 30 LEDs/m 10 Pixels/m 
4 of : Smart / Pixel RGB LED Strip 30 LEDs/m 10 Pixels

Light-O-Rama Order

112V – 16×100 Square Pixel Package with Pixie16 Controller  
6RJ45 Waterproof Dangle 
1Singing Tree – Ralphie 
1Singing Tree – Zuzu  

Additional Acrylic globes for the top of the North Poles were ordered from 1,000 Bulbs.

On top of all of this I’ll need a bunch of hardware from Home Depot, but I haven’t fully inventoried that yet.

Build Schedule

Now I’ve decided to move forward I needed to establish a build schedule, I’ve been looking at more sophisticated tools for this but my excel model seems to work well enough. This schedule is based on getting the items I cannot reach from the ladder up before the snow comes, weather forecasts can accelerate or delay certain prop installs.

GroupPropDue Date
ArchesBuild Arches2021-10-03
DomesBuid Domes2021-10-03
DomesDome Prototype2021-10-03
House RGBInstall Garage Outline Mounting2021-10-03
North PolesBuid Poles2021-10-03
North PolesBuild replacement mounting circles2021-10-03
Upper MatrixBuild Frames2021-10-03
House LEDUpper Icicles R-LW2021-10-10
House RGBLeft Upper-RGB2021-10-10
House RGBRight Upper-RGB2021-10-10
House RGBUpper Roof-RGB2021-10-10
Upper MatrixInsert Lights2021-10-10
House RGBBriks Window -RGB2021-10-17
House RGBGarage Pitch-RGB2021-10-17
House RGBIains Window-RGB2021-10-17
House RGBLiving Room Pitch-RGB2021-10-17
Curtain LightsDisplay Upper Curtains2021-10-24
House RGBFront Door-LW2021-10-24
House RGBGarage – RGB2021-10-24
House RGBGarage Door Outline – RGB2021-10-24
House RGBLiving Room Window-RGB2021-10-24
Border PanelsInsert Ground Stakes2021-10-31
Candy CanesAdd Ground Stakes2021-10-31
House LEDHouse Garage Globes-LW2021-10-31
House LEDHouse Snowflakes-LW2021-10-31
TreesAsh Tree2021-10-31
Upper MatrixInstall House Matrix2021-10-31
YardSanta & Elves Ground Stakes2021-10-31
House LEDWreath R-LW2021-11-07
TreesPixel Tree-RGB2021-11-07
TreesSpruce Giant Lights2021-11-07
TreesSpruce Net Lights -LW2021-11-07
TreesSpruce -RGB2021-11-07
YardFrank BorderL-IM2021-11-07
YardJim Border R-IM2021-11-07
ArchesDisplay Arches2021-11-15
Curtain LightsDisplay Lower Curtains2021-11-15
House LEDWreath L-LW2021-11-15
Mini TreesMini Tree Display2021-11-15
StockingsDisplay Stockings2021-11-15
YardFloodlight Left-RGB2021-11-15
YardFloodlight Right RGB2021-11-15
YardGround Accents2021-11-15
DomesInstall Domes2021-11-21
North PolesDisplay Poles2021-11-21
YardCandy Canes2021-11-21
YardElves Cutout + Flood2021-11-21
YardInstall RGB Candy Canes2021-11-21
YardPixel Panels2021-11-21
YardSanta Cutout + Flood2021-11-21
FenceSide Fence Banner2021-11-28
FenceSide Fence Flood2021-11-28
FenceSide Gate Banner2021-11-28
FenceSide Gate Flood2021-11-28
House Garage Door Cover2021-11-28
YardDonation Bin2021-11-28

Hopefully my Coro order arrives tomorrow and I can start building props over the next few weeks and begin installing them in early October.

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