The 2018 Light-O-Rama Order is in!

Well here it is, my 2018 Light-O-Rama (LOR) order is in. 2,000 new RGB bulbs although only around 1,500 of them will end up in the display (unless I think of some other additions) it was just cheaper to buy them this way.

Mini Trees (I only needed 5 channels and strands but decided on the pixie 16 rather than buying 3 Cosmic Color controllers, I will also use 2 sets of the pixels for the small trees beside my garage.

12V – 16×50 Square Pixel Package with Pixie16 Controller

  • Input voltage selection : 120v – USA, Canada, Japan…
  • Wire color selection : Black Wire

  Pixel Mounting Strips 

  • Strip Color : Black

Big Spruce

  12V – 16×50 RGB Bulb Package with Pixie16 Controller

  • Input voltage selection : 120v – USA, Canada, Japan…
  • Wire color selection : Green Wire

House: Additional RGBS on House to replace white LEDs

  (NEW CCB+) Cosmic Color Controller II with 2 Strings of 100 RGB Bulbs   

  • Color Selection : White Bulbs and Cases

  Extension – 12 Volt – 3 Pin – White – 15ft

What all this will give me is an extra 150 RGB bulbs on the house (replacing bright white LEDs), convert the large spruce tree, the small trees beside the garage and the mini trees to RGB. This will put me at 1,800 RGBs in the display. Although I may add some arches by my mini trees as I have excess pixels and channels on the controller.

The biggest challenge in getting the order in was figuring out where I could position the controllers on the house to be most efficient in build and buying. This was accomplished by changing some stings from 50 to 100’s and using 1 instead of 2 channels (Garage for example). When I built my layout last year I didn’t fully understand the power of RBG so I was creating left and right channels like I would have with LEDs. I later discovered I could wash left and right , up and down to provide an even more compelling effect.

I’ve had to figure out what I needed so I could take advantage of the LOR summer sale, this is when I usually order new equipment as it provides significant savings (around $500 CAD for me this year) equal to about the amount of the exchange rate.

I’ve had people ask me in the past, why I buy from LOR and if it is worth the extra cost vs ordering components from China. My answer is always yes. I like LOR because I can order the items pre built. Usually a few extra bucks but much less than the amount of time it would take me to assemble, it reduces my use of expletives significantly and it comes with a warranty. Last year I had a pixel go bad on one of my strings, I posted a warranty claim, which was quickly responded to and a new string of lights dispatched.

I’m now in the process of refactoring my preview layout to include the updated features and additional RGB bulbs, creating my build schedule, then I’ll start programming sequences. #winteriscoming



One thought on “The 2018 Light-O-Rama Order is in!

  1. Glad you are really enjoying building your show. I wish you all the luck and I hope any advice I gave you was a help. Mr. P


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